The world as we know today is rapidly changing and if we want a brighter future, today we need to start being the change that we want to see tomorrow. Whether you are a player or an operator, know that doing your bit for the environment is easier than you think.

What is this website about?

Play and Sustain is a project created to raise awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility within the iGaming industry.

We do so by promoting casinos that are actively contributing to create a sustainable environment, are tackling social issues and supporting efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Who can take part?

Both players and operator can join this noble project. Players are invited to have fun in a casino that cares about environmental and social issues, while casinos are expected to do more for the planet and tell players about their efforts here, at Play and Sustain.

Why is it important to talk about sustainable casinos?

We believe it is important to publicise casinos that display positive social behaviour.

This may change the image usually associated with them and show that casinos are made of people that care about the environment and their communities.

How does responsible gambling tie in with this?

Responsible gambling is crucial and helps encourage healthy betting by pre-empting any issues and assisting players when they may be struggling.

All licenced casinos will have procedures in place to ensure that they spot any issues and deal with them accordingly.

What is the difference between sustainable casinos and normal casinos?

At first glance, all the casinos may look the same; bonuses, promotions and games. The difference is that all the casinos featured here carry out projects and initiatives that help the environment and/or the community.

Are these casinos licensed to operate in my country?

We will always state in which country each casino holds a license. It is always worth checking with your own county’s restrictions to ensure the operator is regulated for you to play at.

How are Play and Sustain casinos selected?

The casinos featured on our site must be involved in charity work, environmental projects and any other social-related activities that reduce their carbon footprint and improve the overall quality of life of the wider community.

We have four key indicators: Carbon Footprint, Charitable Causes, Responsible Gambling and Customer Service.

What are these indicators?

  • Carbon Footprint is the total of emissions produced by the casino and its operations, this can include energy consumption, amount of plane travels, use of cars by employees and waste generated.
  • Charitable Causes can be understood as any donations, voluntary work and facilitation of projects for institutions and/or communities.
  • Responsible Gambling refers to the attention to health issues gambling can bring to certain individuals and how casinos address them.
  • Customer Service looks into how the casino treats and cares about their players in general.

How can I make sure a casino is actually doing something?

We have an Independent Research Body that constantly monitors the casinos’ efforts to make sure they’re being responsible brands – their ratings on Play and Sustain are fluid and will change as we get updated information.

Additionally, you are encouraged to always check the casino website and their social media accounts to see what they have been up to lately.

What happens if a casino stops charity or environmental projects?

If for some reason any casino stops their social and environmental projects, they’ll be demoted and removed from our listing as they do not serve the purpose of this website.

In short, if a company’s standards slip, so will their ranking

Are there any other casinos with green initiatives?

With growing concerns about the environment and social issues in our society, more and more brands are now trying to do something about it. As more casinos get involved in charity, social and green projects, they’ll be featured here.

I know about casinos with similar initiatives, can I send my suggestion?

You certainly can. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will look into your suggestion.

Can I have my casino featured here?

If you believe your casino is doing their bit to help the planet and you want to share this with players, send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to process your request.

If you are already in, be sure to keep your profile fresh so that players can always know the good that your brand is doing.

What’s the impact of charity or environmental projects in the gambling industry?

These allow the casinos to give something back to society and share their success.

Charitable projects also encourage other brands to follow suit and start their own environmental and social programmes, allowing many people and communities to benefit

Can you change the world by playing in any casino on this website?

The short answer is yes, you can. By signing up with a casino listed on our website, you are also supporting them in maintaining and even expanding any social or environmental projects they might be involved with – you may even want to lobby them to go further.

Why should I open an account with these betting sites?

Play and Sustain has done all of the hard work to provide you with sports betting and casino operators that have the highest standards.

Basically, playing at any of these sites will give you a great experience, deal swiftly with any issues, and give back to the community – as well as helping support something positive for the environment.