About Us

Play and Sustain is a casino review site with a difference.

Who We Are

There are thousands of online casinos, with more opening almost daily and choosing one can be really difficult. Especially when you aren’t getting honest information. At Play and Sustain, we review casinos thoroughly, fairly, and honestly. You can always rely on us for truthful information and unbiased recommendations. Each one of our recommended casinos has a licence to operate from one of the main regulatory bodies.

Play and Sustain is a casino review site with a difference. Our impartial casino ratings are based on a casino’s strengths and weaknesses within the following four categories:

  • Carbon Footprint
  • Charitable Causes
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Customer Service

Unlike other comparison sites, we don’t rate casinos based on their bonuses or their wagering requirements (or how much money they are willing to give us to put them at the top of the list). By reviewing casinos with these four values in mind, we are able to recommend gambling sites which prioritise customers and proactively take ownership of their corporate social responsibility.

Before you even read the review, you will clearly be able to see the casino’s score for each of the four Play and Sustain categories. Likewise, you will see how our team has rated the casino overall. Within the reviews, you will be able to find out more detailed information about each casino.

What We Believe

We believe that casino operators who take an active approach to corporate social responsibility can make a big difference. Gambling is a huge industry and sometimes gets a bit of a bad press in the mainstream media. We wanted to build this website, though, to show that the industry can also make real socially-aware decisions whilst entertaining millions of responsible players every day.

We want to highlight the casino operators who understand that running a casino doesn’t have to be all about making a profit. The four criteria which we use to evaluate online casinos enable us to review gambling sites in a way that no one has done before. Through reading our impartial reviews, players can have a better understanding of a casino’s attitude towards its customers as well as its own accountability.

At Play and Sustain, we encourage and advise casinos on how they can be more responsible. We don’t believe that online casinos have to be perfect but we do believe that they can, and should, implement positive changes where possible. This could be something customer-oriented, such as improving their service or their responsible gaming tools. On the other hand, a casino might endeavour to reduce their carbon footprint or increase their philanthropic efforts.

For this reason, we are continuously re-evaluating our recommended casinos. We particularly love promoting casinos who are actively supporting Play and Sustain values and making improvements. No casino can buy a spot on our list, nor can they bribe their way to the top! Our reviews and ratings are honest and unbiased – and always will be.